And the mishaps begin.

The bus is being sold for 3k. I had $3200 in my checking, and another 2500 in savings. I go to transfer from savings to checking, and accidentally selected a different bank. Since transfers generally take a few days, this is a bad thing. Called USAA seconds after the mistake, said there’s nothing they could do, maybe Monday.


For those playing along at home

I’m just a guy, who currently lives in Phoenix, that wants a VW bus.  I found one…in Portland, OR.  All of the buses I could find in the Arizona or California craigslist and TheSamba were fairly overpriced for what they were (“rust free!” <shows pictures of rusted out undercarriage>), or had been involved in one too many fender benders.

Then, after a few weeks of searching, the seemingly perfect one showed up in Portland, OR.  I gathered up the funds, bought a plane ticket, and started this blog to document my fly-drive vehicle purchase.


I won’t tell you all about me, because that’s boring and not what this is for.  This is to document my failures and successes in an impromptu 1300 mile road trip, that has to be completed by Thursday morning so I can make it to work on time (taking vacation is for chumps.)