On doubling down


No furniture yet (see genchat for personal BS updates), but the first thing I got running was the 3D printer:


Time to rip out the old single centermount progressive carburetor. It served me well as a stopgap, but I’m tired of 13MPG and it running like shit when cold.

However, the new dual-mount carb setup (that arrived one day before I had to move) didn’t come with a tee for the brake booster vacuum line. Since I had already started disassembling the bus for the swap, I had to make do with the tools I had on hand.





And installed:



This is the Dual 40mm Kadron (Brosol) carb setup from lowbugget.com . They take the carbs they can find in kits, bush them (most EMPI carbs etc don’t come with bushings on the throttle shafts, etc), mill the mating surfaces flat, drill and tap for vacuum advance, re-jet them for your particular application, and file out and fix the fuel spray holes.

A stock 40mm Kadron kit costs around $300-400 from various sources, and these from LowBugget cost me $750. That’s a lot of money, and it took them FIVE weeks to make, but so far they seem worth it. Even with minimal “tuning” (balancing by ear, not with a gauge just to run up the street), they’re already better than anything else I’ve ever had. I’ll update later with MPG numbers.

When I ordered, he asked me my engine size, whether or not I needed to pass emissions, my load (do I tow / run a camper / daily runabout / street racer / etc), driving style, and a bunch of other questions.


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