On ease of use

e: ^^^^ It’s probably long enough that it hit the wheel itself and bent over, maybe? I honestly think it’s sabotage – one of my neighbors’ ex-wives comes over randomly between 2 and 6 month increments, and randomly breaks shit. She’s the one that slashed the tires on my beetle, broke the window to the bus out, pulled boards from my fence, etc etc. I refrain to type anything out that indicates my attitude towards her 2 AM drunken hispanic yelling and vandalism.

Had some dental work done this morning (only took 18 months from my deployment to get that through – Thanks, Army!), so I can’t do anything too intense or I get mad pounding in my teeth and jaw. No welding or lifting, etc.

So, I replaced the front door seals. Not much to type. Pull old seals, clean up channels, put some glue in the channels (using black RTV/Window Sealant), install new seals and trim to fit. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.













Bonus! Now, pulling the interior handle causes the door to pop out. Before, the seals were crushed, so you had to pull the handle then elbow the door open.


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