On winter heat

We meet again.


The previous owner had welded in a veritable fuck-ton of patches on the floor, but didn’t seal them at all. Step one was climbing underneath the bus


and using a wire brush to take off as much rust from the bottoms of the panels as I could.

After that, I sealed and coated each patch panel with some black silicone. I don’t have 3M patch sealer, so :shrug: whatever




After using up nearly a full tube of black silicone, I cut off the rusted hose clamps for the heater system, and pulled the hoses.


One shakedown later and I have:


1972 Dime
1975 nickel
melted Matchbox Porsche 911
hair clip
a fairly large superball.

However, a heater system that is stuck on 100% “defrost” isn’t useful. The heating/cooling levers on the dashboard haven’t done anything except open the fresh air vent since I got the bus. I had to pull a bowden cable and re-solder on the end, but now it works! I can adjust between defrost, and floor heater. Since I’ve cleaned out the junk from the hose, the rear heater even works now.



Since I had the dashboard apart, I decided to replace the volt meter with a switch for the windshield washer fluid. The stock bus system uses a super-soakeresque pressurized container that holds the fluid. The fluid goes up a tube that is woven into the wire harness to the steering column, and is merely pinched shut with a blunt plastic spade. Pulling the windshield washer lever back un-pinches the tube, and wiper fluid flows to the sprayers.

As you can tell, the stock setup sucks. You have to inflate the container regularly, seals for the system fail all of the time, and the tubing leaks right into the most critical components. Superior German Engineering.

I put a cheap ebay washer fluid pump on the stock bottle, drilled out a small vent hole, and put the switch in. The voltmeter was something I had hacked in last year to cover up a bit of cracked dash, but I did it terribly. Since I now have a voltmeter in the rear, the switch is more useful.







For the first time in I don’t know how many years, the bus has working windscreen washer sprayers.


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