On vents

I couldn’t go to sleep with that vent still open, especially right after cleaning it out. So, I ran outside with some calipers, then I did a thing in SolidWorks:


Then got it ready for printing


The hole:


The cover:



Boom, fits first try!


It’s shorter than the flooring


Glued down:


Took maybe 2 hours to print. I had it going while I cooked dinner. Total plastic usage: .06 lbs, or about 3% of a roll of filament. The filament I used (WYZ ABS) is $17/kg. That’s $.51 in plastic for the print. Electricity averages $.09/kWh, and the printer pulls 300W at full tilt heating, and 110W after it’s heated up and printing. Let’s just say, worst-case, it cost another $.11 to print, in electricity.

Less than a dollar!


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