On misc combined posts

Turns out your exhaust is quieter when you remember to tighten down all of the bolts. And replace the bolts that had since fallen off because you forgot to tighten them down.

Also, found a steering wheel cover I like. I’m tired of burning my hands on 40-year-old plastic — I’d rather burn my hands on rich corinthian leather.



I also found a good combination of batteries. They seemed dead (<10 volts) but after a few days of CAREFUL charging, monitoring battery temperatures so I don't blow a cell, I'm good.


My old battery combos all had at least one battery that was a charge sink, where above 12.6 volts or so the battery would stop charging and instead would just get really hot. Like a shorted cell, but not an actual fully shorted one.

These will get up to 14.2 easy on the single 100W solar panel, meaning the charger is seeing less than an amp of draw and is actually raising the voltage :dance:

Nothing on this bus is square.




If I try to start it midday I’m doomed. But it will happily cool at night, and can keep up quite a bit throughout. Adding a small clip on fan to mix the air really, really helped. I also cut more vents in the floor between the batteries, under the bed, and added a second exhaust vent.

I’ve also ducted the exhaust through the cabinet with 3/4 inch foam board, so the cabinet doesn’t turn into a radiator like it was.

I’ll 3D print vent covers for the floor. I’m on AT for the guard right now and just RTV’d some screen over the holes to keep critters out due to lack of time.

Next step is 135 degree corner molding, and lights.

Random picture dump:



I installed this one when the metal was still hot from grinding, and it melted. New one printing now:





Flip-out support:


It’s for very light things, like drinks or maybe a computer (with the keyboard in my lap, Logitech KR400 wireless keyboard/touchpad), that’s it. Will do nicely to hold a tablet for watching stuff, though.

I went out and ordered one of these after the recent mention of it:



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