Month: September 2016

On security

Figured I’d put the massive five-battery bank into use, and install an always-on rear dashcam.
I spent some time looking over the first day’s footage, to estimate file size and recording time. Turns out people DO NOT LIKE cameras, even in the lot that has (fake) signs at the entrance that say “CAMERAS IN USE AT ALL TIMES THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC AREA.” Got a lot of gawkers. A front dashcam, nobody bats an eye at (judging by how often I back in with the cams forwards). I asked the people who park directly behind the bus, though, and all five families were A-OK with the camera pointing at their car at all times, so suck it, random people who walk through the lot at 3AM and dig through the trash.

I also changed the resolution from 1080p to 720p, as it’s that cheap $35 Amazon cam and it has a shit lens anyway. Tripled my recording time on a 32GB SD card from 3 to over 9 hours.

I also bent up a coat hangar and made use of the cracked rear hatch panel. Had to cut sideways an inch or so, but this bit is hidden by the mattress and bed frame anyway


Lets you open it from the inside, regardless of whether or not it’s locked. I think it’s a good safety and convenience feature, and it’s a shame VW only offered it on Euro westfalias.