Month: July 2016

On seating

I have decided to do away with the bench seat. It takes up a lot of room, and I’m a single-enough guy, that won’t need more than a single seat. Hell, even if I have a second passenger, they’ll do well on the bed.

For this reason, I’ve removed the bench seat, and am going with a single extra seat. This will give me room to add a stove and possible small 10 gallon sink.

Since the bus had been neglected all week, I decided to weld in the mounts for the chair. I took some angle steel, measured the chair bolt pattern, and cut the appropriate pieces.

Then, I took my buzzbox welder, and slapped it on. I apologize in advance for the shit photos – I didn’t realize the camera lens was smudgy. But at least the smudges hide some of the shame.



I will never be a welder. Like AvE says, “a grinder and paint make me the welder I ain’t.”




This seat isn’t for riding in during driving, just relaxing. And for those of you worried that I’m relying solely on my shitty welds to hold it down, worry no more!


Both brackets go underneath to a matching piece of steel acting as a spreader bar, and I used grade 8 bolts (expensive :10bux:) to hold them down.

Also, while the welder (obviously) overwhelmed my onboard system, I was able to use the angle grinder and drill just fine from my outlets. 2kW pure sine, bitches