On snips and snails and puppy –er, kitty cat tails, baby

Well, today has been a rollercoaster of stress.

I woke up (or, more accurately, was woken up) at around 11:00 by a loud “BANG.” I ran outside to see one of my neighbor’s exes slashing the rear tires on the beetle. By the time I got outside she was just finishing up the second one, and I started screaming at her. She sped off in her car. Last night at around 3 AM she had shown up at the neighbor’s door, drunk and/or high, while screaming at him. Last year the HOA got a restraining order against her, but that was before my deployment and I guess they’re only good for a year, so she’s back. I called the cops on her last night because she was clearly going to drive away drunk as shit, and I guess she just woke up or something and decided to enact revenge.

Took the cops around an hour to show up, and the officer said he knew exactly who I was talking about and would keep me updated. Asked if I wanted to press charges (of course) and the cost of new tires ($200 with mounting). Hopefully he calls back.



The only very tiny, miniscule, diminuitive, atom-esque bit of good news is that I had just recently rotated the tires because I had just gotten an alignment, so the tires on the rear were nearly bald over 50% of the tread due to the front toe being off for a couple thousand miles.








Now, what makes this a rollercoaster of emotion is that, while I was waiting for the cop to show up, I took a peek under the beetle and noticed a little furball wedged between the front tire and the concrete parking stop. Upon closer inspection, it was a teeny tiny kitten that was acting either dead, or near-death. I gently picked it up, and discovered it was still breathing, but otherwise was totally limp.


I brought him inside, and immediately got some water into him. At least he was still licking if I used a syringe to drop water into his mouth, but just barely. Then, I worked on cleaning up his eye.


It’s been a few hours (I had to do the tire swap because today is my only day off, and I had to talk with the officer) but after some milk substitute and cat kibble soaked in milk substitute, I think he’s doing better.




Some videos of the catte:


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