On ultra-cleaning, baby

Working on reassembling the carburetor:






The poor goodwill find that has had to deal with all of the crud:

Still waiting on the rebuilt kit from JBUGS (ordered on the 7th, no response to emails from them since them :ohdear) to finish, then I can spend the weekend reinstalling.

Also, I was missing half of my stock coat hooks. That doesn’t matter too much to me, as I have a string across the B pillar hook places to hold up the front curtain. I want to change the string out for some nylon rope to make it easier to slide the curtain, though, and tying nylon to a screw is difficult. A 3D printer lets me kill two birds with one stone:

Stock hook.

Updated version. Basically the same thing with a hole in the side, but it has some reinforcement where I think it would crack or break.

And, for reference, the jets I found inside the carburetor:



Tell me what I've done wrong here:

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