On repairs, baby

The next step for the bus is that carburetor that FancyMike is shipping me. I can’t really drive it as-is – it’s running way too lean and I can’t figure it out right now with everything else that’s going on. I think a rebuild kit and a good cleaning, and I’ll at least be consistent side-to-side. Anyway, onwards!

This post is an intermission from the normal Bus: a Ruining feature. First, to grab your attention, a pretty cool car crash I came upon at work a few days ago. Most of you know that I’m an EMT in my day job, but I generally work what we call “interfacility” or “IF,” being a hospital to hospital ambulance, instead of a 911 ambulance. An EMT on a 911 ambulance normally doesn’t get to do too much, because they’re really just driving and assisting the paramedic (though I won’t discount how much that assist helps and requires skillful work). However, an EMT on a BLS (2x EMTs instead of 1x EMT and 1x Paramedic) ambulance gets to do a lot more, as half of the time you’re in the back taking care of patients. In theory you’ll only get BLS-level calls instead of ALS (basic life support vs advanced life support) calls, but as I work the night shift, I get a lot of shit thrown on me that should have had a medic or even a doc there hours ago, and I find it fun. However, as it’s still Interfacility, while I may get some gnarly medical patients (10 month old with asthma, 80-year-old with two broken arms and “unreported” A-fib, etc), I rarely come upon a car crash like a traditional 911 crew.

The other day, however, we were “lift assisting” another nurse crew on the way to the hospital. As in, they had a 450lb patient, and needed a few extra sets of hands to lift the patient into the ambulance. We also follow to the hospital (where there are always extra people to help lift) as courtesy, and sometimes because we have their gurney in the back of our truck (having earlier switched out our small gurney for the bariatric, or “fat person,” gurney). So, we were following this nurse crew to a hospital, when NO SHIT about 4 cars ahead of us, I see this Toyota Matrix all over the road. It was on the freeway in 80mph traffic, but with occasional gridlock every few miles. This Matrix was left and right swerving all over, and just about as I was going to say to my partner that she was going to have an accident, all lanes had to emergency stop for some heavy traffic. When this happened, the driver of the Matrix swerved left, then overcorrected right enough to cruise across three lanes (we were in the lane next to the HOV lane), hit the gravel on the shoulder, and turn around 180* right into a tree.

It was a miracle that she didn’t hit anybody in any of those three lanes, as all 3 were emergency stopping for the traffic and were already squirrely. But, the stopped cars did clear a path for us, and we booked it to the shoulder in the gap to assess the damage.





Look at that cabin intrusion. At least 15″ of it, which is insane. She hit the tree sideways at nearly full speed, at least 50mph. Had there been a passenger, they would have been dead, or at least seriously injured. For HIPAA’s sake, I can’t tell you much about the passenger herself, except for she was perfectly fine without an immediate scratch on her, though I bet two days after the fact she was feeling very sore in a few places (nobody feels injured following an accident). Our nurse/bariatric crew continued to the hospital, and we were there for the patient until her family showed up (and she refused fire’s medical care). Goddamned Toyota Matrix saved her life. Side note: I have that exact same steering wheel cover on my beetle.

Now, my weekend was much less exciting than the workweek. First was a 3-day FTX for the AZ ARNG in fucking Papago, which sucked hard. I now have PTSD about both paintball guns, and people screaming “MEDIC!” at nighttime. Anyway, the headlight for the motorcycle finally arrived, so I mocked it up with bungee cords:


Then I took some measurements from the mounting holes


And printed up a mount for it



(really need to order that PEI sheet for the rostock. I ruined my last one and a new one is like $40 for the right thickness)



BTW: that thing to the left? Lampshade. And it glows in the dark (excuse the shitty cell camera)



Will it fit?


It fits!

(I fucked up measuring the ignition cutout)

Then I went on a picture blackout, spending 4+ hours doing wiring and wiring cleanup (corroded connector replacement, etc)



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