On half shafts, baby.

Driver’s side CV joint boot just exploded. So, now it matches the passenger side :v:

Well, not “exploded,” but “torn cleanly on the hub side,” exactly like the passenger side one is. I have one replacement axle and was putting off doing the actual replacement, but now it’s time to order a second one and make a day out of it.

Two days later

The CV axle replacement did not go as expected.

Now that it’s a few hours later and I’ve finally cleaned up all of the grease, summary for the day:

At around 1400, I finally got up off of my ass and decided to change the CV axles on the bus, as both sides have torn boots, and they looked original.
By 1415, the driver’s side CV axle was off. Hub side had triple square bolts, the transmission side had 6mm allen, but meh, it was painless.
By 1430, the new driver’s side axle was on. I started on the passenger side.
At 1455, I had discovered that two bolts on the passenger side axle were seized
At 1500, all but those two bolts were removed, and I was contemplating getting out the angle grinder
By 1505, the heads of the two bolts were ground off, and axle was removed
At 1515, I had greased up the new passenger axle cv bearings
By 1530, I had discovered that the passenger axle was too long
At 1600, I had finished contemplating returning to Amazon and buying locally. Surprise! No auto parts stores had the correct one in stock in the entirety of Phoenix. Time to implement Plan B.
At 1830, I had the new axle torn to bits, and was tearing into one of the old ones. It’s really starting to get darker, now
By 1900, I had finished reassembling my new Franken-Shaft consisting of an old axle shaft and new bearing parts and boots
By 1930, the passenger axle was installed


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