On seals, baby

I installed the rear shocks on the beetle. I was going to do the front shocks, but Amazon sent me the wrong part (or, more like, listed the wrong part as being compatible, so I have to return them) :argh:. The 71-73 Super Beetle is a strange cookie, and I’m tired of one-year-only parts (3-bolt ball joints, strut cartridges, etc).

No pictures of the new shock absorbers in, but visualize KYB GR-2’s in a beetle and you’ll get the idea.

The old ones, though, were oem



“Made in Western Germany” :allears:


And another box of Wago Lever Nuts came in. These are literally half the size of the old ones, and easier to use.


So small


I also got a 10-pack of weatherproof Posi-Locks (called “Posi-Seal”) connectors. Gonna change those big ugly solar connectors on the bus out for these on the roof.



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