On all about that bass, baby

At work a few days ago I saw a possible future. Now that I have seen it, I can avoid it. The guy driving it had both a dog, and an eyepatch:




Today, however, I installed a subwoofer. It’s an old home theater sub, but it fit perfectly in the space I have allocated for a sub, and it was also 4 ohms. Only “42W,” but that’s plenty for me.


I shoehorned a POS amplifier in there. It’s a POS rated for “1100 watts,” but it’s enough and it was very cheap. A reviewer on Amazon did some calculations with current and voltage measurements under test, and calculated it out to be only 114W. Again, completely adequate.


Gives me a little end table for the bench.


In much bigger news, however, :siren: my fiancee :siren: crashed her motorcycle. Yet another guy turning left in front of her while she had a green. I know she’s not a speed demon, and is actually quite the competent rider from the few times I’ve ridden with her.

Everything is dickered:




Headlight is unrecoverable


Gonna need new headlight/fork ears. Good thing generics are cheap (like, $20 for both)


Speedo and tach were bent all around. I had to strong-arm bend the speedo back into place to limp the bike the remaining half-mile home from the accident



(You can see the rust from an old scrape from another bike; the surround was a junkyard replacement years ago)

Broke the newly-replaced (last year) choke lever. Kinda difficult to find the right one for this redheaded-stepchild of a motorcycle (a lot of “first-year-only parts before a completely new look and frame in 1980)


Got the tank pretty good.



Also got the clutch lever just enough to make it really difficult to use. I rode home in one gear because it’s dickered



I am thankful that I insisted on crash bars years ago. They’ve paid themselves off with this one


LH footpeg


Just a little bit on the front fender. It was bent out of place and scraping the tire, again had to bend it out to limp home


Rear turn signal


And the big one: nothing lines up anymore. The handlebars are bent way out of shape. The front fork is only a tiny bit out of whack, and hopefully I’ll be able to disassemble it and loosen it up and it’ll straighten out, but we’ll see. The whole headlight and gauge assembly will have to go. The rest of the bike from the triple tree back is okay, and the crash bars took the brunt of the damage from the exhaust and (very expensive and hard-to-find) side covers.


Now, the kid that cut in front of her actually stopped when he saw her go down, and police were called. By complete chance I was working on the ambulance and was posted in the area. By another stroke of luck, all of this happened in front of a Phoenix PD sergeant who saw the whole thing, so when he came up to her she gave him my phone number and we came directly to her instead of having her call 911 and ending up with a huge fee (family of employees get free/discounted ambulance rides, but not if it’s a full 911 callout with an engine and everything). The kid that hit her is only 19, but he did have insurance through a weird company called “Young Driver’s America,” which I can’t find out much through google. He was very apologetic and assisted with everything, though he denies that he was on his phone.

I called my insurance and got a phone number and contact info for his insurance, and she called in the claim today. She was wearing a helmet, boots, and gloves, but again wasn’t wearing any of the other riding gear I got her (:argh:) so she got some gnarly road rash.


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