On privacy

I found a set of valances I liked. Kept contemplating what fabric to buy to make curtains, then discovered that valances are in the perfect sizes I need.

I cut the valances to length, and glued/stitched (depending) in some weaker ceramic magnets into the corners and along the bottoms.



Most people put a curtain rod inside the track for the door. Instead, I cut the curtain rod down, and mounted it inside the jalousie window. Gives you a lot more interior space with the door shut.


You can see how mounting it on the track would take up a lot of valuable space.



For the front and rears, I ran some thin, but hopefully strong, rope across.



The rear door’s curtain is actually on the door hinges itself, and with the magnets in the bottom, it swings up with the door when it opens.



And finally, mocked up (not glued in yet) the vent for the heater fuel area. Just an extra precaution against fumes during the summer, and gives me an access if I need to install a drain or second vent.



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