On music

Everything in the pictures is super dirty and dusty because I haven’t gotten around to cleaning yet.

After days of back and forth, finally decided on a speaker placement.




The doors aren’t the best place for them, but at least they’re not on the handle side like people do with beetles. On the hinge side, there isn’t nearly as much force trying to pop the speakers out when you slam the door shut. On the kick panel would have also worked, but then they could have been, of course, kicked. I could also have made a plywood panel to mount them diagonally downwards underneath the dashboard, and this would have also solved my “rat’s nest of wires” visibility problem, but :effort:.

While I had the door panels off (for hopefully the last time, knock on wood) I installed the front reflector lights.




[spoiler]I completely deserve a ban and a report for what I have done here. Spoilered for gore.



That feeling when everything works the first time you power it up.


Trying to fit the goddamned rubber mat in without it crumbling to pieces



Still have to deal with the dragon.


I set it to green. Makes it feel like an 80’s install. Also I did not install the headlight dimmer wire and it is a good neutral night color.



The stereo is also wired up to a button (visible on the bottom right) that lets me turn it on and use the second battery without the key.


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