On heating, cont.

So long, monoxide-generator!


You have been replaced.



I “finished” the woodworking. Found a pretty sweet set of switches, too.



Really shitty nighttime pic


I did the Wrong Thing ™ and went to the gas station and filled the 5 gallon gas can with diesel before testing it with, you know, water or something else that isn’t flammable. Unfortunately, there was a pretty big seam leak on the bottom I didn’t see earlier. Cue a crazy fix with HVAC butyl tape and a mad dash home to dump the 5 gallons into a bucket.

The only thing I could find in the store that would fit the 7-inch gap was a one-gallon can.


The Espar/Eberspacher D2 on “high” uses .07gal/hr of diesel for heating. Once it gets up to temp, it’s more like .02 for maintenance. That means that, after an initial warmup, you can run for about 24 hours on one gallon. So, it’ll do for now.


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