On sleeping

Today was a good day.

First stop was at a pawn shop. I don’t have a router, and I really have wanted one for awhile. I found an old Craftsman 1.5hp single-speed (25000 RPM) router. The case was a little beat up, but the router itself was PRISTINE. Little label that says “SEARS CRAFTSMAN — DOUBLE INSULATED.” When a power tool is advertising that the metal case no longer has a >50% chance of electrocuting you, you know you’ve picked well. I also stopped by Harbor Freight to pick up some router bits. Hey, HF bits work almost as well for a single project as expensive ones!

After that, I made a stop at , picked up some lumber. A bus with the spare tire removed can carry full 48×96 sheets of plywood, no problem.



Then, without regard to taking photos at all (sorry), I worked for around six hours straight to make this up:




Using some dead batteries (should really take those in for the $12 apiece at recycling) to mock up placement and keep it from tipping:




Little lid that goes on the engine bay access. Have to have engine bay access! Also, since it was my first time routing anything, I went freehand. It will be under a pad, so :shrug: whatever I’ll do what I want!



Did the one on the right, then decided to use a hole saw to start the hole instead. Again, :shrug:


Fast-forward another few hours, and I’ve put hinges on the engine access lid.



Mocked up a support wall (that I will eventually cover in plywood and put doors on to give access to the inverter and the very awesome thing I just purchased hmmm hmmm



The original floor mat even fits! It’s almost like I planned this.


And the most important thing: the spare tire and cover still fit. I was worried about this, but it worked out.



E: the bed is 73 inches long, and at full width is 47.5 inches. I’m 70 inches, so I fit pretty comfortably lengthwise, and even better if I go diagonally. There’s almost enough room to sit up without bending your neck, but I don’t have a pad on it yet, so that will definitely change.


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