On Room-Temperature Vulcanizing compounds

Inspection plate trip report:

Doesn’t leak anymore. Well, it weeps a very tiny bit, but previously it was the largest leak on the bus, so that’s settled. Either way, I’m still trying to track down the rest of the leaks.


1: removed inspection plate, cleaned up silicon O-ring with soap and water, cleaned out inspection hole with brake cleaner, and used ULTRA-BLACK RTV to seal that sucker in there.

2: removed valve covers because, while they aren’t LEAKING like they were, they are still WEEPING SLIGHTLY, as evidenced by a UV flashlight inspection.

3: adjusted valves. Always adjusting valves. One was slightly tight :ohdear:

4: Sanded valve covers and valve cover mounting area down with 150 and then 400 grit paper, to smooth any burrs and remove any traces of old valve cover gasket (40 year old cork gaskets leave so much residue, even though I now use rubber valve cover gaskets)

5: used ULTRA-BLACK RTV to help seal valve covers down. I have spare valve cover gaskets so THIS IS OKAY

6: Saw that a lot of oil was coming from the GODDAMN DIPSTICK BOOT again. You may remember an earlier post detailing how big a pain-in-the-ass it is to replace this boot, as it necessitates removing the entire fan shroud. You may also remember how I made an impromptu boot replacement using multiple nested hoses and tubes, along with a stock rubber boot. The rubber boot has FALLEN APART because it is a CHEAP PIECE OF NON-OIL-RESISTANT SHIT.

7: Say FUCK IT. Clean the remaining tube and bungs with BRAKE CLEANER. Wait for BRAKE CLEANER to dry. Wipe it down and CLEAN IT AGAIN with BRAKE CLEANER. Seal the boot area with ULTRA-BLACK RTV.

8: Took off the OIL-SOAKED TINWARE that I could easily remove. Place OIL-SOAKED TINWARE into DISHWASHER. Wash OIL-SOAKED TINWARE. Remove SURPRISINGLY-RUSTY TINWARE from dishwasher, proceed to get yelled at by :siren:FIANCEE:siren:.

9: While pushing the OIL-DRAINED bus to it’s parking spot for the next two days while I wait for the ULTRA-BLACK RTV to cure, accidentally run over the ULTRA-BLACK RTV tube.

10: Decide to see if ULTRA-BLACK RTV lasts as long as KUMHO TIRE rubber in a spur-of-the-moment experiment.


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