uoısɹǝʌuı uo

Okay so the autofocus on my phone has officially taken a shit so you’re going to have to use your *~imagination~* for these, but stick with me.

Today I took the middle bench seat and the floor cover out of the bus (only four bolts lol) and swept up. I discovered a piece of bent sheet metal behind the driver’s seat:


Removed it, and discovered a source of road noise. A big source.


I figure, if it was good enough for the PO just sitting there, then tack welding and seam-sealing it will be good enough for me


It got dark so the already shitty focus of my phone got progressively worse, but I finished installing the inverter/battery charger in it’s final spot. Seems like weird placement, I know, but it leaves room for an eventual amplifier, and makes the best use of the available space. It will eventually be underneath the rear bed/bench seat, just barely.


While cleaning up under the floor, I also discovered a goddamned spy



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