On distribution

Gonna wrap the heater tubes.

While I love driving the bus, I currently get around 14-15mpg tops, so I needed to get the beetle back into commission. A new vacuum can for the distributor is around $30, and it’s one of those parts that have a million variations year-to-year, so to get the beetle back on the road as quickly as possible, I just picked up a cheaper ($70 or so) EMPI distributor. I know EMPI is absolute shit, but hopefully it will last long enough to hold me over until I can find the correct vacuum can for my current distributor.

Where did the distributor go?


There you are!


New, extremely chintzy, EMPI



Side notes for anybody that may be thinking of buying this distributor:

1: Unless you want to rotate your spark plug wires around the cap by 180 degrees, you need to take the distributor drive key off of the bottom (remove retention spring, punch out pin) and rotate it around 180. Took me awhile to figure out why I was getting bangs and gunshots and chuffs the first few start attempts.

2: The electronic box fouls on the fuel pump. I have a new Brazilian fuel pump. Luckily I run around 31 degrees of max advance, and rotating the distributor so that the electronic box is actually touching the fuel pump (on a plastic piece I could probably file down, but still) I top out in the driveway at 32 degrees of max advance. I’ll have to see if I get pinging while driving to work tomorrow. If I do, I’ll take a dremel to the box and fuel pump instead of the more expensive option of forever buying higher octane fuel.


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