On emissions



FYI for those that may be thinking of getting a CO meter or something, it does help. However, CO meters have very narrow temperature and humidity ranges they read accurately in, so if you just stick a meter in the exhaust pipe you will get incorrect readings, and ruin the catalyst in the meter head, destroying $200 (mine was a lucky ebay find, but is an older model).

You either need to set up tubing, like dryer tubing, that is long enough to cool the exhaust, or take samples in a bulb and let that cool and any humidity precipitate out and then test with that. Or, you can do what I did, and set up in a low/no wind area, and place the meter a set distance away from the exhaust that stayed consistent, but was also readable. And remember, the emissions station reads percentage, and the meter reads PPM. So, the readings aren’t exactly translatable between devices, but it does give you a reference point at a set distance (/length of pipe) to dance around.

Overall if I had the money I’d pony up for one of those expensive combustible gas meters (that measures things like O2, HC, CO2, NO, etc), but cost vs results led me to pick up the CO head.

And now I have a pretty bangin’ CO meter for around the house, too.

“El Jebus” post=”453072545″ wrote:

Awesome! What do you think was the silver bullet in order to pass idle? Just adjusting?

I rejetted the idle circuit, from a 55 to a 50. In addition, I was extremely careful in setting the initial throttle plate opening amount, by the book. Those probably are what got my HC to just squeak under the limit (and last year, on the old 30 PICT 3 carb the car came with that I subsequently sold, idle circuit was at 388/400, so I have a feeling this is always going to be a bugbear). Having the CO meter to watch while turning screws back and forth certainly helps, too.

I also temporarily lost my air cleaner while doing the emissions test, as usual. Whoops.

As I was leaving the facility, fist-pumping and whooping, a blue Super Beetle passed me the other way, being driven by a woman. She stopped halfway through her turn, and yelled “PASSED?” I yelled back “YEAH, ONLY TOOK ME NINE TRIES” and she laughed and continued into the lot. I have a feeling emissions tests are always a bit of a nail-biter for certain car owners.


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