On Other Cars (deux)

Today I got woken up early by a dying tamogatchi, so I went out and installed the CB (“filstar”) valve covers, as well as the replacement reverse light switch on the transmission.




Drove to work but don’t know if they worked because it rained so the entire bus is wet, can’t tell if there are new oil spots.



Earlier today:


Hello darkness my old friend.

“You Am I” post=”452802149″ wrote:

What are we supposed to notice in that blurry small photo?

“IOwnCalculus” post=”452802716″ wrote:

ADEQ emissions station, the bane of that orange Beetle’s existence.

“Fart Pipe” post=”452802730″ wrote:

Trying to get that Beetle to pass emissions.


Two hours later:

Welp, fuck my life



Failed again, and again. And now I’m out of money until Friday so I’m going to take these three boys and build the best carburetor I can from the rubble.

Two hours ago:



I am a God Damned Wizard



So I now have a (hopefully) working 30 PICT 3, created from Fart Pipe’s 30-PICT-3 body he sent me, and the rest of the parts from the 30/31 PICT 3 I ordered in from China that failed in the earlier picture. I know it got close, but that was after two tries, with adjustments to the best I could do. All of the threads on it were graunchy, and nothing fit right. Using it with the genuine German body is the best bet.

I also took the spare jet that came in Fart Pipe’s carb, a 122, and put it in the eariler 34-PICT-3, the one I’ve been running with the past year, and also the one that failed the first seven tests (tests eight and nine were with the new Chinese one). I had the 34-PICT-3 tuned well enough that it was only failing the loaded hydrocarbon test (it’s final test was the one mentioned in the “PREVIOUS RESULTS” line on the photo of the test receipt above), and maybe the smaller main, to 122 from 125, may fix things?

I’m 50/50 running with this rebuilt 30, or running with the modified 34, for the next (and hopefully final) test.


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