On poly foam

The foam engine compartment seal, being OG and brittle, was a casualty of the engine pull I did a few weeks ago. I thought everything would be fine if I ran with the hood popped a little for short-term driving, but after this thought I had the issue with my beetle’s emissions test, so the bus was put into daily driver service. 18+ miles each way to work, 4 days a week, is a little too much driving to be doing without the compartment seal, as a large portion of the hot air gets pulled back up into the compartment.

I looked online at prices for a replacement seal, and…


well fuck that.

In the spirit of, well, my spirit to do things cheaply, I decided to take a cheaper route.


Since it’s so cheap, I bought two, in case I fucked one up.


(gloves because touching foam gives me the skeevies real bad)

I used my YiHUA $15 soldering station with a flat cutting-style blade to melt the foam apart. Finally a use for that bigass iron tip.

It’s nasty, but I’ll just put this side on the bottom.

All cut up (blurry)




Note to future readers (there aren’t any future readers): this takes 1.5 packages to get the total length, so buy two packages. Then you also have an extra piece for fuckups, or to patch holes in other parts of the tins.


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