On minor upkeep

Today I went back under to continue to search for the rogue oil leak. Sorry if today is sparse on details, I’m still nursing the finger that I stabbed a few days ago. The tip is completely numb, except for the times it’s in terrible pain. Also, through today, I accidentally pulled one of the stitches.




While I was under there, I decided to finally change the gearbox oil.
How to remove fill bolt?


Find a bolt with a 17mm head and weld a nut onto it. I took this time to play with the “I / II” and “Min / Max” settings. I think Min/Max is amperage and I / II is voltage, but I’m not sure. There was no manual.






By the end I think I got it dailed in for nut/bolt welding. High amperage, low voltage, low wire speed. Or the nut/bolt simply heated up enough that the shitwelder could actually get some penetration. I’m still having fun with it. Don’t know why I have so many pictures of the one bolt though.

I also lost my gear oil pump, so whatevs:


Oil that came out had very, very fine consistent bronzeish glitter throughout. So fine it didn’t really look like glitter, but more it changed the color of the oil. No big chunks though, and it smelled terrible.


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