On broken thermostats

I thought that the thermostat on the bus was in good working order, as it collapsed when cold and expanded when hot. So, I brought it inside to clean it up, as it was covered in grime. After a gentle cleaning with dish detergent and a sponge, I tested it by putting it in some hot, but not boiling, water. The thermostat expanded probably 60% of the way, then a stream of bubbles from inside one of the “folds” started. I cooled it under some cool water, and it shrunk back down, but there was a distinct sloshing inside. So, I did the test a second time, and it failed fully, never shrinking back down when cool. I think the only thing keeping it functional the past few years was the coating of grime clogging up a pinhole leak.

New thermostats are north of $120. New-style thermostats, while they have a higher opening temp, are around $30.

Sssssshhh don’t tell the people on TheSamba


(“Mexican” [really, Brazilian] thermostat adapted for bus use)

E: yes that’s coat hanger wire.


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