On modernizing

Now, the cupholder I have seems to have been designed for an older time, when cups were a reasonable size and didn’t hold more than 24 oz of liquid. However, this is TYOOL 2015 and if you’re not driving around with a QT/Chevron/7-Eleven 64 ounce beverage of your choosing, then you’re not American. This presented a problem, but again, cheap ABS plastic comes to the rescue.

The hole in the bottom of the cupholder is too small to nicely hold any large cups, and I don’t have any hole saws big enough to enlarge it:

So, I did what any sane person would do, and break out the calipers:

Yes, I made a custom-fit adapter. Works on both cans, tallboys, and those large Circle-K/QT cups:

With locating pegs so it doesn’t spin around:

The white stuff on the rim is ABS glue used to stick the print to the bed. I can either scrape it off, or leave it as-is. Meh.

As a bonus, they’re removable and washable.


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