On oil cooling

New cooler day!


The old cooler, with my attempts at stemming leaks. I actually didn’t see any leaks from the seals, but I’m hoping it’s something like the cooler was split in a way that only showed under pressure or something.

The new cooler:

Where it’s going to live:

I never noticed fresh oil from this area, but it looks like this car ran quite awhile with a stray spark plug on the cooler, as people can drop them on the barrels and removing them requires removing the entire shroud, so they’ll leave them there and sometimes they roll over on top of the oil cooler and get compressed down by vibration and the thermostat dampers over the years until they wear through the finning.
It’s like that scene in Rugrats when they get the grandpa a new mattress and his old mattress has an imprint of his body

Right behind the LH cylinders

Every time I look at how I chewed up the tin for the pressure switch I cringe, but a surprisingly small amount of air leaks out of there:

Jut a little brush of Aviation Form-A-Gasket (I love the smell of this stuff, seriously)

Installed (blurry, sorry), and since it’s only torqued to 5 ft-lbs, I put a tiny bit of form-a-gasket on the outside of the nuts. It gums up a little, but won’t chew up threads if you try to remove it without heating like loctite. Also, I could not find my loctite.

Aaaand then I remembered that I bought a pressure washer awhile ago, and decided to try it out for what I actually bought it for.

LH cylinders:

RH cylinders:
(you can see how I started to wash the outside, there’s that clean zone)

Previously crusty fan:

Fan shroud rear (rear of car)

After the pressure washing, of which I don’t have many pictures because it is a wet process and I like my shitty phone, I tackled some cracks and holes in the muffler





OG german VW

And then we skip ahead 30 minutes, where I found a can of orange spray paint left over from painting the beetle, and decided to go to town. First I marked my welder, as it is a clone of all of the millions of Chinese clones, then things got out of hand:





And then it got dark but I did put it all back together. I drove it to the grocery store and smoked out all of the cars behind me for three miles, because the orange paint is not exhaust paint and it burned up. No picture, but I promise you it still looks better than it did.


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