On oil (again)

MORE 3D printed things!





Also, turns out I have an oil leak again. Somewhere that gets in the airstream and blows it all around, so either fan hub seal (which I have already replaced) or maybe oil cooler? Shit. Well, it’s not the new oil pressure switch or the valve covers, that I’m sure.

New oil pressure gauge figures:

Cold startup idle: 70 PSI
Idle after 10 minutes driving: 20 PSI
Idle after 40 minutes driving: 10 PSI (but it stays pretty well there)

Revving after cold startup: 80+ PSI
Revving after 10 minutes: 60 PSI
Revving after 40 minutes: 40-60 PSI depending

If the engine lugs while idling, like if I turn on the heater fan, which is a 20-40 amp draw that slows down the engine, it can drop to near zero and the idiot light comes on, which is on the gauge at 0 but in the book is 6.5 PSI. When I wasn’t right at the top of the dipstick hatches, halfway (one quart) low in the middle between the two marks, it would drop to near zero at idle. The old pressure switch at idle didn’t have any issues, but the stock pressure switch is 2-2.5 PSI.

E: wow, turns out the real pictures are way out of focus. I really need a new phone or camera 😦


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