On auxiliary wiring harnesses

Today, this:


Went into here:


Up at the front, behind the driver’s kick panel:


I did have to make a crossover, and I’m not happy about it:


Back into the engine bay:

(notice: brass tees on all vacuum and fuel lines. Fuck that cheap plastic shit, brass or glass ball nylon motherfuckers)

Also, I found some old LED lights kicking around, and I also had a NC relay on hand, and that gave me an idea. A bad idea, but still an idea.


Those are on the fresh air flaps, and are bolted in, not just double-stick taped to there. I don’t really have any idea why, but it was easily doable, and is wired up so the running lights have to be off for them to be on, so if I accidentally leave them on they’ll turn off when I turn the lights on to drive. Even through the mesh, they throw out a lot of light forwards, and I can blink them with the fresh air flap lever. They’re wired through the relay to the second battery, so maybe camping/area lighting without risking the engine battery. :shrug: x2


Tell me what I've done wrong here:

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