Door vent covers (more 3D printing)

So, as the pictures show earlier, the ABS door panels I ordered have rectangular holes near the latch for the ineffectual door vents VW originally had installed.


My initial plan was to source some new vent covers and sliding plates, but the passenger door of the bus is not original, and has no provisions for the vents inside. Instead of finding a new door, or living with one door having vents, or having to source unobtanium plastic trim pieces, I decided to take the matter into my own hands. Take the replacement door panels below:


Add calipers:


Then way too much time in Solidworks:


Add equal amounts time in Simplify3D to position the part and set up support while balancing weight and printer constraints:


And I end up with a door vent cover that screws right in!






Now, this one is a bit squirrelly, because the printer towers have loosened up a tiny bit over the past 20 days of printing or so since my last overhaul, so the layers shifted maybe .10mm back and forth a bit as it got higher and higher. On this one, I will sand the surfaces down (I made the walls quite thick, 4 layers at .48mm/layer). On the second one, which is printing right now, I tightened up the towers, so hopefully sanding will be a little more minimal. I will probably leave these as-is for color, though I can always spray them with some Krylon Fusion if I want to change them. Overall, I’m pretty happy.

Cost-wise, each print is .50 pounds, and I pay about $17/kg in plastic. Unfortunately about 40% of the weight in plastic is support material, which is plain wasted, but what do you do :shrug:. This particular roll was 2kg instead of 1kg of filament, and was only $20, which probably explains why it was such a paint to print with. Figured I may as well waste it on something like this instead of plastic trinkets.


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