Passenger side pushrod tube seals

Today I did the passenger side pushrod tube seals. After doing the driver’s side ones, the puddle disappeared, but I still had some small oil spots on the rear of the bus after 30 miles of cruising or so. Also, what kind of person only does half of any seal replacement job and calls it good (except for the PO)?

Not many pictures from the replacement itself, but here’s a picture I fumbled of the underside whilst cleaning up and having oily gloves on:


Here’s a picture of the new tubes in. Yes, the rearmost one’s o-ring is a bit pinched. I’m hoping it really doesn’t matter because it’s up top, and because I didn’t notice until just now when uploading the picture:


Here’s the crud from just the passenger side pushrod tubes, and nothing else. The driver’s side ones weren’t nearly this bad:


The frontmost three pushrod tubes were dented to hell and back, and I’m half thinking they were leaking from being so off-angle. I found a box wrench that fit the inside diameter nicely, and I used that to roughly straighten out the dents from the inside by pushing it through at all angles and twisting it back and forth. Then I found a socket that was nearly the right size OD (13mm deepwell 3/8″, if you want to know) and hammered it through with a few 6″ extensions to finish straightening them out.


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