Preface: these photos are on something that isn’t imgur, because it’s Labor Day and imgur/reddit are completely broken, and have been all day, so these may not work in the future. Good job, guys!

Today was Stereo Day!

And by stereo, I mean a literal $20 headunit that has USB/SD/AUX and…pretty much nothing else. Wait! It also has a bright blue clock that doesn’t dim at all. For reference, this particular Chinese variation of the headunit is called the “SSL M39USA.” Whatever.

See, it has USB! And…buttons…

Showcasing the true master build quality that “SSL” is known for.

For speakers, I used some old 2.5×4″ Sony speakers I ripped out of a home theater system. I wasn’t looking for quality, just something to make sound so I don’t have to wear earbuds on the way to work. As I did with the Beetle, a proper stereo will be incoming once I have the funds. But for now, this works, and I fused everything so if something goes wrong hopefully it doesn’t burn the bus down.

First step is removing the old stereo:

Oh…oh no. Look at those clips! There’s no cage, is there?


Continually falling prices written in paint pen are a good sign, right?
Final price: Ten O’clock

The duct tape is the previous owner. The electrical tape is my emergency roadside fix for a random short that was happening during the drive down from Portland.

(not pictured: his homemade adapter that wired switched 12v directly to the center pin of the antenna. Used a spade connector and everything. No wonder the stereo never worked)

To the trash with ye!


While the dash was open, I decided to throw in the new speedometer, as well as fix the burnt out dash bulbs.

Oh god!


Actually, it wasn’t that bad. Also, it became immediately clear why the odometer didn’t work:

The biggest question is: where are the pieces to the odometer gear? The speedometer is in an enclosed, sealed box and if the gear broke off while functioning there would be broken gear pieces laying in the bottom. Also, where is the grease that was on the gear? Why is the shaft cleaned?

You mean to suggest to me that the previous owner, or one of the five before him, intentionally used a broken speedometer? I don’t believe you, nobody would be that despicable, or lazy. No sir!

Fast forward about 10 minutes, the new speedo and bulbs are in:

It got dark, and my phone is absolute shit at dark photos (HTC :argh:) but I did snap a pic of the antenna connector before coming inside. The nursing staff and I did the best we could to save him; from this point forward, whether or not he survives is up to how much he wants to live.


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