Month: September 2015

On steering

Today, I decided to install the new drag-link I’ve had rolling around the bus since I did my initial parts purchase nearly three months ago. Just got tired of it taking up space, really.

Let’s figure out, from the pictures, which really specific, required tool I have yet to purchase.


(yes, this worked. It made a glorious noise when it popped, then both jacks fell onto my ankles)

New one in:



Eventually everything underneath will be shiny.

On nighttime roadside safety

Just one picture today because seriously my camera is terrible, but I installed the door lights:


The way the bus is wired up, if the passenger door opens, the passenger one lights. If the driver’s door opens, both the driver’s door and passenger door lights. The passenger door switch switches ground to the dome light, whereas the driver’s door switches positive for both the dome light and for the dash buzzer (buzzes if the key is in and the door is on).

On air vents

After removing the door vent channels slash armrests, all of the fresh air was coming out of the lower vents. Instead of capping them off, I designed and printed some covers that direct a little air upwards, but create enough backpressure to allow the dashboard vents to work.




Installed the air vents:

Replaced the wheel cylinder:

Funny how there’s fresh springs and hardware in there, but the OG cylinder. Fuck you, PO. I only did the driver’s side, though, because I don’t have enough brake fluid on hand to refill whatever I spill and bleed doing the other wheel.

On front emblems

Sorry that this is such a slow thread, compared to others here. Big mechanical fixes are few and far between – my goal is generally to get it to a reliable driving state and then faff about with small bits and bobs until I fall into money or get really bored, so the three people that read this thread are going to see a lot of things like the following:

The victim:


The facehugger addition:
(with clips of my own design)

Basic template:


And (really blurry) angle pic:

Just that little chromed plastic piece really makes the entire front of the bus. It’s uncanny.

On Oil Pressure

(Sorry about purple, HTC One M7, y’know)

Today my LED 12v bulbs came in.

(the black wire is the positive, and the white the ground. On all 20 of them)

Redesigned cover:

A little bigger than the prototypes:

Bulb installed. Pretty good for measurements estimated from an eBay listing page:


Sorry about the purple, but the installed oil pressure sender with idiot light poles. Yeah, I chewed up the engine tin a bit to get it to fit, but after this picture I bent back down the metal and dremeled the sharp edges off, and it seals pretty well. Well, as good as it did before. :shrug:

Since the distributor was out, I decided to take it apart:

And install this thing that’s been rattling around on the floor for a few months now:

Fast forward about 30 minutes, and I have a properly shimmed and installed electronic ignition kit. Remember that the rotor has to be shortened about 4-5mm for it to sit properly on the rotor key:


Revving as high as I dare in neutral, about 3.5k or so?

I guess this is a good thing?

On auxiliary wiring harnesses

Today, this:


Went into here:


Up at the front, behind the driver’s kick panel:


I did have to make a crossover, and I’m not happy about it:


Back into the engine bay:

(notice: brass tees on all vacuum and fuel lines. Fuck that cheap plastic shit, brass or glass ball nylon motherfuckers)

Also, I found some old LED lights kicking around, and I also had a NC relay on hand, and that gave me an idea. A bad idea, but still an idea.


Those are on the fresh air flaps, and are bolted in, not just double-stick taped to there. I don’t really have any idea why, but it was easily doable, and is wired up so the running lights have to be off for them to be on, so if I accidentally leave them on they’ll turn off when I turn the lights on to drive. Even through the mesh, they throw out a lot of light forwards, and I can blink them with the fresh air flap lever. They’re wired through the relay to the second battery, so maybe camping/area lighting without risking the engine battery. :shrug: x2