Some thoughts

Made it back! Bus did wonderfully (except for the leaky brake booster, but one’s on order) but I can’t get it to pass emissions. 600 out of 500 allowed hydrocarbons idling (and that’s after I tried taking the air cleaners off and adjusting idle mixture from 2 turns out to 1.25) and 9.xx whatever CO under load out of 5.5 allowed (but 5.49 out of 5.5 allowed idling), one pass and one fail on idle and load. And after some research it looks like the PO put on these:


I know it’s dangerous, but my next try is to run 1/4 or 1/2 gallon of denatured alcohol. I’ve already failed 4 tests this afternoon (first thing I did coming in from the freeway).
Notes: Side door center hinge (big one on the center rail) is broken, NOS are around $200 but I snagged a used one for $40 on an ebay auction randomly and sniped it just minutes before it ended. Needs tires (cheap, 205/75 r14), leaky brake booster, new front pads, e-brake is fucked (but locks one wheel so it works as a parking brake), BADLY needs shift lever front bushing (ordered), and the “Z-bed” it came with is a literal pile of moldy plywood and rubber with rusty hinges in the approximate places they used to be located.

The pictures in the ad were CLEARLY taken last year (9/14, there’s a $1500 receipt for new pads, brand new carbs, plugs from that date in the glovebox) and it sat for the past year under a tree so it was covered in mildew/moss stuff, but I put some pictures on the blog of washing that off at a car wash (took 30 minutes with the brush and engine soak solution). Car has been probably five colors in the past, and one of the colors had decals or something because there’s a weird sun or octopus decal texture when you look at it at just the right angle.

It has rust, badly in three places: driver’s side skidplate/rear rocker area (have no idea how to fix), passenger side rear wheel well (2 inch hole, strong each side, that one I can get some steel plate and rivet/seam seal into place I’m guessing), and the sliding door vent window. In fact, both of the side vent windows have rust so bad beneath them that the bottom pins are simply missing, and they are held in place by the vent locks. I’ve looked, but I]cannot seem to source new vent window “frames,” just the inner glass. I need new frames, or ventless windows or something.

I have no idea how bad the rust is beneath the windshield, but I know that is generally a problem area :ohdear:

The bus drove absolutely fine, and it lost maybe 2-3 actual quarts of oil on the trip, and I’m pretty sure that is from a mystery leak on the left side of the engine, somewhere under the air shroud. You can see in the pictures in [this] blog post that over the course of the trip the back of the bus was spattered lightly with oil, but at every fillup I only had to put in 50-100 ml at most, and even with my failed hydrocarbon numbers, I pass HC on the under load test, so I don’t think I’m burning much if any oil.

What scares me? The reciept in the glovebox shows a compression test done, and cylinders 2-4 were 120PSI, but cylinder 1 was 90 :ohdear:


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