The stop to adjust the brakes.

I just stopped just outside of Portland to check on the brakes, as the bus pulls a little to the left under hard braking. Thinking I had drums all around, I went to adjust the star adjusters on the front shoes, only to discover I have front discs. Well, since the bus was already up on my harbor freight jackstands, I adjusted the rear drums instead. The left side was dragging hard, and both are now equal, but it still dives left.  Also, I can’t get the e-brake adjusted properly. Even when balancing the wheels at the front yoke, only the right rear tire brakes.

At least the e-brake works at all now. Before, it didn’t do anything.

I also met a friend. P owns this 75 westy. She said her family was going to sell it, but now it’s her daily to work. The FI system was converted to the same dual carbs the earlier 72-73 used.








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